The Three Rules of Epidemics

When I think of an Epidemic, personally I was always under the impression that it was just an un-naturally high percentage of some occurrence than the typical norm, and usually un-chartable or easily unexplainable. When Gladwell began his introduction with “Hush Puppies,” Not to be silly, I got hungry for just a moment, just till I understood he was referring to “Hush Puppies” the style of shoe.

They were a quickly dying fashion accessory, or far beyond that notion, because the makers and sellers of the “hush puppy” shoe were under the impression that they were in fact dead. That was all until a select few of urban “un-trendy” setters tried to rebel against the current fashion, while wearing the shoe out and about; keeping a “hey, I’m cool, because I’m not cool like you” attitude about them.

Naturally, one might believe that this little random act of rebel driven fasion faux pas, might be short lived and fade off into obscurity: which turned out to be so unbelievably wrong. Unexpectedly, the onlookers of these select few individuals were taken in by their (the hush puppy wearers) “renewed” unique sense of style and soon there after, found themselves entertained with the look and suddenly started sporting the same once “un-trendy” style of shoe. Than even sooner after that, the trend branched out rapidly, as does the natural action of yawning (which I thought was such a great analogy to use in reference to epidemics).

Gladwell had explained this in his other examples of epidemics, that an epidemic spreads like wildfire when a “unique” and highly unf-familiar variable is placed into an unfamiliar/alien environment, the percentage of something incredibly radical occurring has therefore been increased.

While I find myself being taken in by his creatively stringent analogies, his incredibly awesome explanations and connections he makes between the what, and the how in all of this, I’m still skeptical that everything has a plausible explanation (just because I’m “silly” like that). When I learned of the unfortunate and tragic incidence that occurred in Poland; where the infants of the maternity ward were being infected with the HIV virus at an alarming rate; many died, but miraculously, many survived after infection.

I realized that we as humans, sometimes are the epidemic enablers but don’t have to be, we unknowingly allow them to occur at times when we are overlooking the obvious of possibilities. or maybe we just aren’t concerned, and are too busy being selfish to the thought that we aren’t alone in the world. We do effect, and cause effect. Which makes me bring on the question of fate, is this meant to be?

4 thoughts on “The Three Rules of Epidemics

  1. I love when things that had once been considered “cool” come full circle and are again considered “cool”. Also, if you like hush puppies (food), you have to get down to Savannah, GA.

    • I’ve been seeing this long john silvers commercial advertising hush puppies and I’m so tempted to drive down there and get some! lol

  2. I like this entry. It seems to be pretty well written and easy to read. The, “Hey, I’m cool, because I’m not cool like you” line appeals to me, as does the summary paragraph. It is nice to hear the personal perspectives as well.

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