Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen

It’s always been apparent to me that we are all equally  unique and have a certain aura about us. While reading this next chapter, Gladwell touched on a concept of “Connectors, Mavens, & Salesmen.” It made it possible to see the overall importance of these individuals and how they play a part in these “tipping” points (epidemics). I found it very entertaining to learn of his views on the communication and transferring information by “word of mouth,” and how it was and will always by an important means of communication.

When Paul Revere  set out on his mission armed with the historical message of  “the British are coming.” He road horseback for 13 miles, from Charleston to Menotomy. He used his voice and told his listener’s to use theirs. Within a matter of hours the British had begun their (what they had thought to be an) “undetected” invasion, they than came face to face with the Colonial Militia, and ultimately lost the fight. Gladwell explained that Revere was acting out as a Connector, he brought the people together, and his unique drive to “connect” and pass along the urgent message allowed the information to branch and torrent throughout the region as quickly as it did.

The comic that you see to your left is depicting a Maven confronting a Connector. Maven’s have the ability to interpret the qualities of people, place’s, or things in a different manor than the way most of us do. For example: You would say, “This coffee is too weak.” The Maven on the other hand might say “The coffee is a little delicate.” They have a knack for being pretty much neutral with all things. I think it be awesome if more people were this way.

Who do you listen to and ask for advice? If you know someone that knows what is seemingly everything about anything you might want to know about, and they are always somehow persuading you to take on a new hobbie, a purchase, maybe even a new favorite place to hangout. These individuals would be what Gladwell refers to as the “Salesman.” He points out that we still, in this day and age really do rely on our connection to people. The persuasion people have through  “wom” (word of mouth), despite all of these ingenious technologically advanced methods of advertising they’re usually overpowered by “wom,” because human beings like to believe that what they are being told is truth, really is in fact that, the truth. It’s easier to believe when the facts are being conveyed in a more “human” like fashion, like say a conversation between a friend. You’ll more than likely accept your friends opinion of a restaurant, over any commercial no matter how enticing it may be.

4 thoughts on “Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen

  1. First of all, great post! That dog is absolutely adorable!

    Second, I’d like to fancy myself to be a salesman. Anytime anyone has a question about…well, anything, they always come to me. Even when I’m pretty sure I never gave them any reason to believe I had the answer.

    I guarantee, though, that I can usually find the answer. My friend’s fiance, on the other hand, would definitely be a connector. He always “knows someone who knows someone”.

    At the same time, we probably all play different roles in different situations. 🙂

    • awww, I’m glad you liked that cuteness. hehe. I think your completely right, and if we know how to play the field, we could probably be super mavenecctormen,,, or something rather. 😀

  2. Dude first off~! Your personal website is OFF THE CHAIN. What are you doing here? You should be out in the field! It’s the paper, right? Everything looks good when you have degree~ xD Even this blog site CRAPS ON MINE!

    I like your interpretation on the “Tipping Point”, the connector, maven, salesman examples are right on! Everything is interactive and Paul Revere is probably one of the founding fathers of it. I deal with mavens, connectors, and salesman’s everyday~ I’m the biggest flip-flop there is. Before I was a staunch Republican(I still “heart” G.W.Bush, what dude sniff’s devil’s dandruff off a prostitutes buttocks, ram a car while drunk into your parents house and become the president of the u.s.a.,TWICE!), and was all for CHANGE and Barry Obamer~ Now I’m super ANARCHIST and want ALL WORLD governments to be destroyed and all politicians be hung. But that’s just me and that’s how powerful the 3 examples are! Look up the “bohemian grove” and builderberg group…. you’ll see why~ Barry’s gonna be ‘inhaling’ with Bill and G.W. in the coming years…. they’re ALL the same~ Ron Paul is the future.

  3. I like the point that is brought up about how you would more often than not trust your friends opinion over the opinion of a commercial. Again, well written, and nice pictures to look at.

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