Case Study

When Airwalk came onto the scene in the late 80’s, there were no shoe company that was solely dedicated to the skater generation. They had originally intended to make the brand known for being sporty, by developing gear that  would “enhance” some form of athletic activity. They did just that for a short while, but soon after there was a window of opportunity when it was realized that the full potential of the brand was not being met with their “small” goal of becoming a top athletic footwear company. They ran with the idea of becoming mainstream, and did so very seriously by designing and developing footwear for the every day activity,t and it couldn’t fall short in any aspect, it couldn’t because they were to compete with Nike, Adidas, and the many top selling footwear manufacturers to date. As you know, fashion and retail is extremely competitive. Airwalk did make it to the tipping point, and it’s evident that they had a clear goal set, which was to reach for the sky… they had no limit set, leaving no limitation.

They pretty much had to be ruthless and conniving with their sales approach if they wanted to be noticed in the industry. “WOM” (word of mouth) definitely played a part in their success, that and their cool advertisements that incised the idea that owning a pair of Airwalks made you some how unique and super awesome. The visuals appealed to the younger crowd, it was random, and fun… and let the “tipping” begin. Airwalk’s yearly gross in sales range well over the $200 million (that was estimated in 1995).

3 thoughts on “Case Study

  1. Airwalks~! xD I remember those shoes~ Yeah dude they did mad marketing in promoting their shoes~ I don’t see them as much, are they still around? I used to skateboard in high school but they weren’t as popular amongst the skate scene in my neck of the woods… now that I think about it kids got beat up and called posers for wearing Airwalks~ You wanted Etnies or DC(totally mainstream now) I don’t know each town and skate scene were different. Like kids that wore Stussy back in ’95 got the crap kicked out them and definitely called posers. Now Stussy is one the most prominent “fashion” life style brands out there and you can’t talk smack about them because their clothes are actually really nice. Times a change. I must be getting old… I NEED SPACE ALIEN TECHNOLOGY!

  2. Yeah you’re so right about the poser thing… in elementary school it started getting real popular, than in middle school if you wore Airwalks and weren’t a skater, you were womped on, and even if you did skate, your shoes had to be torn up and ragged looking to be credible lol. you must be in my brother’s generation, he had Etnies & DC’s. 😛 I once were Fila… are they still around? 😛

  3. Yes, Fila’s are still around! One of my boys actually bought a pair not too long ago! They’re still dope.

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