Passiot Pit Meets Qootles

So, I’m an avid doodler, and I’ve been using my iphone to express that. I came up with a comic series that I called “Qootle.” Here are some samples of my Qootle doodles. 😀

QOOTLE | Qoote doodles? 😛

Qootle’s currently has a FaceBook group that your welcome to join, you’ll be updated on new qootle creations! Join here.

While working on my flash homework one day, somebody had posted a Passion Pit song on FaceBook and I kind of got hooked on it and eventually built my homework upon that song. The homework was to build a music related site, atleast 3 pages and had to be imported from either illustrator or photoshop into the Adobe Flash program, I used illustrator than created a simple animation in flash to make it fun. I hope you like it! 😀

It’s Passion Pit Meets Qootle!

(click the image above to watch my animation and browse the flash site! ^_^*)

Music by: Passion Pit | The Reeling

4 thoughts on “Passiot Pit Meets Qootles

  1. Wait. Why are you here again? Oh right you need the paper that says “degree” on it…Just amazing dude. I love your concept and your comic. Your a talented individual man. Keep it up. I’m definitely a fan of your work!

  2. aww stop it man, your making me blush. lol. I just think I’m weird, and don’t think of it as talent. HEY! We should invent the doodle blog, no words, just doodle. xD ok maybe you can title your work, but only with the date and time… it will be like blog sherades! ^_^*

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